Rehablitation of old age people

Rehablitation of destitude children

Protection to Sex Workers suffering from AIDS

Protection of Global Warming through awareness programmes

About Us

The All Solution Of Indian Chambers (Regd). is an NGO led by young, energetic,enthusiastic, educated proffessionals from the fields like Information Technology, Media Broadcast, Engineering, Legal Management, Finance, Economic, Forcasting, Corporate Banking and HRD Administration. All of them have dream to eradicate problems from society for a better tomorrow, for human beings as well as all other living creatures, problems regarding Global Warming, Female Child Foeticide, Women Empowering and Child Rehabilitation. Many organisations have been working on these subjects but not a single one has seriously touched the most essential thing of all the public awareness. We have registered under society registration act ?Regn no S51831 Dt.25.2.2005.



Global Warming is one of the largest problems today. Given the fact that all of us are now tech-sawy, one of the prime factor of this bad experience is waste. Lack of education on this front is one of the major contributing factors for environmental pollution.


The Global Warming problem can be solved through proper awareness among peoples either through technologies or through activities. This is the responsibility of every one on the Earth to protect Environment.

2.Women Empowerment

Now, women status have been empowered, but the another face of the society has given this a very bad experience home violence, poor eduction standard, dependency on males are some of those factors which have been reducing the point of GDP Graph of WORLD. To bring a truly Global Revolution to our society, it is essential to eradicate these problems from our society.


Through Public awareness and right resources we can motivate our people to think better not only for higher living standards, but for respective status of women too.

3.Child Charm

CHACHA NEHRU (FIRST HON'BLE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA Pt. JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU ) said "CHILD IS THE FATHER OF NATION'. This is a right way to motivate, but who is ready to follow responsibilities to implement it in a truthful manner.

Can We really do it, or can't We ?WHY? Is this a big task to do and cannot be implemented?

Sure, it can be and has to be implemented, and Yes, WE can do it. Lack of right Education, Unawareness about Health, Environment, Political, Governmental policies, Rules and Regulations are few among the factors of our society crippling this dream.


One way to achieve this dream is to launch proper awareness programmes through cultural activities, Rehabilitation of street Children, Education etc.